David Holden Round KF7BMC

Dave Round KF7BMC is a Silent Key as of July 15, 2016.

Dave was a radio operator for the US Navy in WW2 on mine sweepers and destroyers, where he sent and received a great deal of Morse code.

He was a graduate of Tufts University with a BS in Civil Engineering, and a graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering.

His son-in-law, Joe Decuir KF7BMD, helped him through the Technician course in 2009, and set him up with a HF rig. Dave was keenly interested but not strong enough last winter to attend the General course training run by the Issaquah ARC.

He was pre-deceased by his son David Bruce Round and by his wife of 67 years, Ruth Bruce Round. He leaves two daughters, Deborah LR Freng and her husband Joseph C Decuir, and his daughter Gail A Round.

For funeral details, please contact Joe Decuir at 425-985-1562 or jdecuir@ieee.org.