About Us

Supporting ham radio in the Issaquah and Sammamish area of King County, near Seattle in Washington state since 1978.

What We Do

We encourage all aspects of Amateur Radio operation, including public service and radio experimentation for scientific improvement of the art.

Who We Are

Our club has about 30 members from various backgrounds and ages. Though we all have individual differences, we all share our interest in the hobby of amateur radio with its many facets. Some of us like to do public service (community events, weather watches, civil emergency services, etc). Others like to ragchew, build equipment and antennas, go hilltopping and roving, work DX, CW, try new digital modes or contesting. Still others prefer the mobile-radio aspect of communication via local repeaters. Some members have a living situation or schedule that does not allow on-the-air operation and they join to feed their interest in the hobby.

Getting Licensed

We can help you find local amateur radio classes or you can teach yourself from the many publications available. The Federal Communications Commission has made the licensing process easier. No longer is there a code requirement for any license. Instead applicants can enter the hobby by passing a multiple-choice test.

The Technician Class license is the normal entry into the hobby. After passing it, the applicant can move on to the other two license classes: General and Extra. Each license class gives more privileges to the operator – again, no code is required. Proof of past licensing may make upgrading easy. Documentation regarding an expired license may have to be provided – check it out.

Once you are licensed, you can exchange your longer call sign for a preferred one or retrieve your old one if it is still available. Handicapped people can be tested with special accommodations.


The IARC meets on the first Wednesday every month. See our Meetings Page for time and place.

Welcome from the Hams of the Issaquah Amateur Radio Club!