Barry K7BWH

In Feb 2012, I changed my callsign K7BWH to match my initials. I was licensed as WA7KVC in 1968 and now after 44 years of happily hamming it up as “7 Kilo Volt Capacitor” I've become “Bravo! Whiskey Hotel” or “Bacon With Ham”. My new call is shorter and easier in Morse code: it reduces the number of Morse units by 17%, and it eliminates the bothersome letter V. Please note my email address also changed to

In September 2011, I traveled to the "rare and elusive" Garfield county to activate the county during the Washington State QSO Party (aka Salmon Run). To see a nice photo essay of the expedition please visit Here are a couple photos of this scenic and remote spot.

My QSL cards from 1968, 1985 and 2011: