Coming Events

(Note: This page is under development. When complete, I will update the Home page with some of this calendar feature from what we've learned. For now, this page is not linked into the main navigation bar. - Barry)

Your Calendar Features

Do you already use Google Calendar? Here are some interesting things you can do...

Show All Events in Your Calendar

You can have these events show up in your personal Google Calendar pages. Click "Add Calendar" and then ... (tbd)

Copy an Event to Your Own Calendar

You can copy one item from the IARC Coming Events list. In the screen above, click on the event name to see more details and options. Then click on the link for "copy to my calendar".

Be Notified When Event Occurs

You can set a "reminder" like an alarm clock for these events.Click on the event details, then click on "add a reminder" link. You can choose email or pop-up reminders, and specify how much time in advance you'd like to receive the notice.

Add a New Event to the IARC List

Anyone can write an email to the webmaster to have their event added to our online calendar. In addition, authorized members of IARC with login privileges can update the calendar directly. First login to and then make your changes.