Encouraging all aspects of Amateur Radio operation, public service and experimentation for scientific improvement of the art.


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President: we7x@aol.com

Webmaster: w4mhi@yahoo.com 

Newsletter Editor: johntty@dhuibh.net

Secretary: joe_stacy@hotmail.com

Treasurer: dons@sdalc.org 

Elmer: elmer@w7bi.com


As a service to the community, we can offer our opinion on what your old electronics or ham radio equipment might be worth. If you have leftover or unused ham radio gear, we may be able to help provide advice on its value, and possibly remove equipment or sell things off, and we gratefully accept donations of surplus electronics. Contact a club officer to get started.

Emergency Communications

Refer to IssaquahCERT.org for a list of amateur radio frequencies used for emergencies.

2024 Club Meeting plans

July meeting is a picnic in Confluence Park (behind Darigold) starting at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, July 10.  See SquakBox.

Hybrid Meetings

The in person meetings are now being held at the Issaquah Eagles, 175 Front St N, at 19:00 first Wednesday in the month.
For online meeting details, please contact our president.


Recent Meeting

December:  The officers for 2024:

See SquakBox for details.

Email Reflector

Read what's happening on our email reflector at groups.google.com/group/issaquah-arc. Members, guests, and anyone interested can join our group!

Issaquah VHF Beacons

IARC was a contributor to the Issaquah beacon project, a set of low-power transmitters on 144, 220 and 432 MHz. As of October 2014, the beacon hardware is running on the west side of Tiger Mountain at about 850 feet ASL on 144.299, 222.050 and 432.301 MHz. Read about the original equipment before the move here.


Open to any person, regardless of age, sex, race or religion, who is interested in any aspect of Amateur Radio.

"Regular" membership is for those holding a valid Amateur Radio license issued or recognized by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission; and "Associate" membership is for those who do not hold such an Amateur Radio License.

Dues: $15/year.  Pay in person when we have in person meetings. Also, try PayPal, to PayPal.me/RadioClubOfIssaquah.

Membership is free for those under 19 years of age.

Have news, pictures or comments for us? Send website comments to webmaster@w7bi.com and SquakBox comments to editor@w7bi.com!