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Morris Shepherd, W7LVI

Morris Shepherd, W7LVI (SK)
Our long-time member, prominent figure in local ham activities and also trustee of the WWDXC callsign W7FR Morrie Shepherd passed away June 13th, 1996.

Morrie could always be counted on for a QSO in just about every contest. He wasn't a hardcore contester in the last 20 years, but could always be found on the band giving out a contact to anyone who was trying hard!

The Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) sponsors a special award "W7LVI 2nd Century of CW" in his memory and to recognize the 100th anniversary of radio in 1995. The award is given for demonstrated proficiency in Morse Code while engaging in DX’ing and contests.

Florence and Morrie typified the qualities of their generation. They built themselves up from modest beginnings. They were generous and helpful to others, volunteering many hours to their groups. Beyond the context of our clubs, in many ways the Shepherds were symbolic of a Seattle which now seems largely in the past. - SquakBox, August 1996

Born March 12, 1920, in Denver, Colo., Mr. Shepherd grew up in Westport and attended school in Westport and Ocosta.  He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  He married Florence O. Fesler Sept 18, 1954, in Bellevue.

He lived in Lynnwood until 1970 when he moved to the Pine Lake Plateau. He retired from Frederick & Nelson as a TV technician in 1982.

He was a 50-year member of the Western Washington DX Club, his call was W7LVI and he was a long-time trustee and became the holder of the club call W7FR.  Mr. Shepherd was a charter member and a founder of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Northwest America since 1959 and was a life member of Skyway VFW Post 9430 and the Issaquah Amateur Radio Club.

In his leisure time he enjoyed gardening, fishing and bee keeping.

His survivors include his wife, Florence; a stepdaughter, Margo Sinney and her family of Burien; a sister, Marjorie Lester of San Jose, Calif., a brother, Robert Shepherd of San Jose; and numerous nieces and nephews. - Issaquah Press, June 23, 1996

Florence Shepherd, w7lvi

While Silent Key is considered to be exclusively a "Ham Thing", surely it is a fitting tribute to Florence who was as close to a ham as one could get without a call sign. Florence's service was held at the Skyway VFW in the presence of her friends and family from among the VFW and Seattle Jaguar club. The following paraphrase remarks that I made on behalf of the club...

In December, the Western Washington DX Club awarded Florence their very first Lifetime Achievement Award. When the idea for the award was approved, there was absolutely no doubt who in our organization most deserved it. It was an honor to present it to her and, given how events have played out, we feel exceptionally fortunate and pleased to have given it to her in person and not posthumously.

Florence and her husband, Morrie, were rocks of the club for many years. It is hard to imagine that the club would have grown and prospered without them to help guide it through the trials and tribulations all groups much experience. Now in our fiftieth year, we owe much of our longevity to the Shepherds. In the thirteen years of my membership, Florence was constantly involved and present wherever there was work to be done. She was the club post office, our membership chair who knew everybody and everything about them, and always had her sleeves rolled up on the convention committee. This was even more remarkable when you consider that she was also doing the same for the VFW and Jaguar Club!

Her most memorable role for the WWDXC was as the "raffle lady." As each meeting got rolling, she visited everyone with her raffle tickets and the money can. You didn't want to be caught without a buck or two for tickets. She put the touch on everybody. It didn't matter if you were a Big Gun, a Master of the Airwaves, whose signal caused the clouds to tremble, you had better cough it up. As we all get our halos and wings, Florence will be there to greet us with tickets, so be sure you have some pocket change on you when you go.

Florence and Morrie also typified the qualities of their generation. They built themselves up from modest beginnings. They were generous and helpful to others, volunteering many hours to their groups. Beyond the context of our clubs, in many ways the Shepherds were symbolic of a Seattle which is now largely in the past.

Thank you for sharing Florence with us because we will not see her like again. She was truly "finer than frog hair." - By Ward Silver N0AX

Florence O. Shepherd of Mercer Island and Issaquah died at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle on Feb. 8, 2004. She was 83.

Mrs. Shepherd was born on April 1, 1920, in Bremerton, the daughter of Albert and Elma Fesler. She was raised in Bremerton and Seattle and graduated from Broadway High School in Seattle. She married Morris F. Shepherd Sept. 18, 1954, in Bellevue. (Morrie was a long time club member, W7LVI. Florence was not a HAM, but used to call herself w7lvi, lower case. Ed.)

They lived in Lynnwood until 1970 when they moved to the Pine Lake Plateau. Her husband preceded her in death on June 13, 1996. More recently, she was a resident of Covenant Shores on Mercer Island.

Mrs. Shepherd was employed by the Mercer Island Post Office for 32 years before her retirement in 1984.

Mrs. Shepherd was a 50-plus year member of the Skyway VFW No. 9430 Ladies Auxiliary, a charter member of the Jaguars Drivers Club of Northwest America, which started in 1959, and membership chairman for the Issaquah Amateur Radio Club. - By Pete WY7Z