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Dave Round KF7BMC

Dave Round KF7BMC is a Silent Key as of July 15, 2016.

Dave was a radio operator for the US Navy in WW2 on mine sweepers and destroyers, where he sent and received a great deal of Morse code.

He was a graduate of Tufts University with a BS in Civil Engineering, and a graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering.

His son, Joe Decuir KF7BMD, helped him through the Technician course in 2009, and set him up with a HF rig. Dave was keenly interested but not strong enough last winter to attend the General course training run by the Issaquah ARC.

He was pre-deceased by his son David Bruce Round and by his wife of 67 years, Ruth Round.  He leaves two daughters, Deborah Freng and her husband Joe Decuir, and his daughter Gail Round.

For funeral details, please contact Joe Decuir at 425-985-1562 or