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Technician Class

From: Gerard Hickey <>
Sent: Wed 10-10-2012
Subject: [ICC-ham] Ham Radio Technician Class, Oct 2012

The Issaquah Communication Support Team is offering a free technician class for persons wishing to obtain their amateur radio license. The classes will begin next Tuesday (10-16-2012) at 6:30PM and runs for 6 consecutive weeks. The classes will be held at the Issaquah Public Works building. Each class will be scheduled to go until 9:00PM, but may not last the entire time given the amount of content that will be covered each night and the number of questions that are asked. 

The class will follow the standard ARRL text for a Technician class. You can find the textbook on Amazon with the following link: If you purchase the book at another retailer, please make sure that you purchase the Second Edition (published in 2010) as it has the correct question pool that you can study with. If you pick up the first edition book, the exam questions at the end of the book are not the same as the actual exams and can hinder your ability to study for your license. 

The final class (11-20) will be a final review, answer any outstanding questions and then the licensing exam. While the Technician exam will be principally given, students are welcome to attempt a General exam or an Extra exam. If you are interested in the high level exams, here are the links to the higher level textbooks. 



Please send me an email expressing your interest so that we can insure that there is adequate space available. 

Thank you. 

Gerard Hickey / WTØF   IRLP:3067/Echolink:529661