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for Members

We encourage members to participate in our website. You may add stories, write up events, update the calendar, publish pictures and maintain your own "members pages".

Your editing is risk-free because Google Sites retains a history of revisions. We can always revert an undesired change.


Anyone in the world can read our pages. But to edit this website you will need:

  1. A google account. The account can be any gmail address or any Google Apps login.
  2. Send your request for club member access to webmaster@w7bi.com.

Subscribe to Changes

Do you want to be notified when the Home page is updated? Would you like to be told when anything changes on the website? You can subscribe to updates and then receive an automatic email whenever something is edited.

Scroll to the bottom of any page, and click "Recent Site Activity", and then click "Subscribe to site changes".

This feature requires logging in and hence is just available to members.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is manually maintained. This allows us to control the order of its pages. If you add a new page then you must notify the webmaster so he can add it to the navigation bar.

Only the webmaster or administrator can update navigation. He will use these steps:

  • Click "Edit sidebar" under the navigation bar
  • Click "Navigation Edit" toward the left middle
  • Click "Add page" near the bottom
  • Select your new page from the site map tree list, click OK
  • Scroll down, select your page, and use the up/down arrows to move it to the desired order

Adding a Countdown to the Sidebar

You can display a gadget that shows the number of days until your selected date. At the moment, the club is showing "days until next monthly club meeting." Someone will need to update or delete a countdown gadget after the event occurs.

Click on the Edit sidebar link at the bottom of the Navigation frame

  • Select Add a sidebar item
  • Select Countdown.  A countdown element will be added to your Google Site.

Select "edit" for the Countdown

  • You can type any description of the event you wish (title, location, time, whatever)
  • Then select the date of the event
  • We suggest selecting the day after the event so the countdown is more accurate. Play with this and choose what works best for you.