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Field Day Results

posted Jul 19, 2011, 10:11 AM by Barry Hansen   [ updated Oct 3, 2011, 7:04 PM ]
On June 25 and 26, the Issaquah ARC set up and operated a Field Day station at Sunny Hills elementary school. Point-wise, it’s interesting to note the digital station made twice as many points as the other voice stations combined! Even so, our total bonus points were greater than all our contact points put together. This is typical of most years, where it takes a huge number of on-the-air contacts to equal all the bonus points.

Total claimed score:

1,848 points (contacts + bonus)

QSO Summary





80M 11 25 36
40M 46 31 77
20M 54 39 93
15M 17 17
10M 2 2
6M 37 37
2M 5 5
432 2 2
Total QSO 130 139 269 Total QSOs
Total points 260 139 399 Total contact points
Total points 798 Contacts times mult

Bonus Point Summary

Bonus: 100% emergency power 200
Bonus: Media publicity 100
Bonus: Public loc 100
Bonus: Public info table 100
Bonus: Message to SM 100
Bonus: Message handling 100
Bonus: Satellite QSO 0
Bonus: Alternate power 100
Bonus: W1AW bulletin 100
Bonus: Educational activity 0
Bonus: Visit by elected official 0
Bonus: Visit by served agency 100
Bonus: GOTA station 0
Bonus: Web submission 50
Bonus: Youth participation 0
1050 Total bonus points
Total Sections 58 Sections
Total States 44 States
Soapbox: This was an effort by the Issaquah Amateur Radio Club (WA). We went in to have fun, hang out together, bring in visitors and try new things. Our digital station was a lot of fun on PSK, and our VHF station enjoyed a really good 6m band opening. It’s not often you work Florida from Washington state on 6m! Big thanks go to all our club members who pitched in to help setup, provide food and equipment, and then tear down and clean up.